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Our action-packed agenda features panel interviews and educational sessions that will provide you with insights and takeaways around:

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    Helping your team attain relevant certifications

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    Cultivating adversarial thinking

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    Mastering budget management for cybersecurity

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    Strengthening essential soft skills in your team


Hear from forward-thinking cybersecurity leaders and experts

image of Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson
Head of Cyber Resiliency
image of Alissa Knight
Alissa Knight
Recovering Hacker and CISO
image of Annika (Erickson) Carr
Annika (Erickson) Carr
Director, Security Technical Program Management
image of Sarah Davenport
Sarah Davenport
Head of Vulnerability Response
image of Gary Hayslip
Gary Hayslip
Softbank Investment Advisors
image of Mike Miller
Mike Miller
Appalachia Technologies, LLC
image of Jeremiah Roe
Jeremiah Roe
Principle Architect
image of James Azar
James Azar
AP4 Group
image of Joye Purser, PhD
Joye Purser, PhD
Field CISO
Veritas Technologies
image of Helen Patton
Helen Patton
Cybersecurity Executive Advisor
image of Steve Zalewski
Steve Zalewski
Cybersecurity Advisor & Former CISO
Levi Strauss & Co
image of Marene Allison
Marene Allison
Former CISO
image of David Spark
David Spark
Producer, Managing Editor & Co-Host
The CISO Series
image of Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
Former VP, Global Field CISO
image of Mike Farrell
Mike Farrell
Former CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief, Northwestern University Adjunct Lecturer
Cyberscoop, Northwestern University
image of Shira Rubinoff
Shira Rubinoff
Chief Cybersecurity Officer
Techstrong Group

And more!